Jay P. 

I visited the bar a few days ago alone and was actually regretful that I didn’t bring my friends with me. The whole place was awesome and I really loved the drinks they serve. The musicians and artists who performed that night were all awesome as well and I really enjoyed my time there. Next time, I’ll make sure to bring my friends with me so they could find out about this amazing place as well. 


Aimee L. 

I’ve never been to a bar or pub before so when my cousin brought me to Publiq House, I was a bit hesitant and unsure if I’m going to enjoy there. However, all my hesitations were soon washed off when we entered the place. It was so amazing to be in a place full of happy crowd and the music was so amazing. I never thought I’d enjoy that much in a place I’ve never visited before. 


Jack K. 

My friends and I went here last week because someone from our group mentioned it to us. We were so amazed by the whole restaurant and the bar as well. We totally enjoyed the meals and dishes served from the menu and we were more than willing to come back to dine here next time. And not to mention that the drink and alcohol on the bar were complete. Everything we tasted definitely satisfied us and it’s impossible not to come back. 


Holly M. 

I always used to come to this place since last year whenever I have free time, especially on weekends. I’ve enjoyed my time here after work and I like the way they extend their opening hours every Saturday and Sunday. The Publiq House really improved a lot and I could say that their services only got better after a year of being a regular customer.