Discover new restaurants and diners

Everyone must be looking for new places to visit as much as I want to especially the foodies all over the world. Of course, it would be great to travel to different countries, discover new restaurants and diners but what if we just look around the place near us to do so? What if we try to settle on nearby places and find the best restaurants where we can just relax and chill for the meantime while having a great meal? Well, these past few weeks, I did just the same since I am busy with work and of course, I find it convenient to settle on nearby restaurants for a while. I guess you’ll find it very interesting too. 


Instead of keeping my car in my garage door in Michigan, I tried putting it into good use other than using transportation on my way to work. When I got a free time, I went around the city and searched for good places I’ve never been to before. While I went around the nearby areas, I spotted a restaurant named Publiq House. I didn’t go to the place immediately, of course, I always check reviews first before dining in a restaurant since I only go to the places with great services. Years ago, I dined in a restaurant with bad services and that made me a bit sensitive to the restaurant crew and staff so now, I always check reviews first. I know people won’t like to dine in a place with bad services as well just like me but it seems like I became more like a critic since then. 


When I was happy about the reviews I’ve seen, I went to the place the next day after work and was very pleased with the services I received from the restaurant. It was such a good place to dine in especially with their bar, the great lighting, and the meals! I was amazed by the drinks they serve and of course, the dishes they have on their menu were all delicious and it satisfied my cravings while letting me discover new dishes as well. The experience of dining there was better than reading reviews only because I was very speechless about the place. All I know is that I really enjoyed my time there and it did relax me after hours and hours of working. But, the most exciting part of the Publiq House was the bands and musicians playing there. It was very refreshing because it’s been long since the last time I went to see a live band performance. The music sounds so good and it puts the restaurant in a good mood. 

Since I loved the place, I tend to come back more and more, giving me time to relax after work and traveling to different places. I feel like I would enjoy staying in my hometown for a bit instead of going to different places since this place exists near my house and working place. I guess everyone will love the restaurant as well and I highly recommend this place to anyone!