About Us 

What we started 

The Publiq House used to be only a bar where people can have different types of drinks but after a year of improvements and adjustment, it evolved into a restaurant-bar. Publiq House’s owner thought it would be great to make a place where people can both have a meal and a drink as well. It was a way to improve the place without changing its original purpose of serving drinks and alcohol. Besides, it’d be great at night for those who want to relax in the bar. 


How we started 

We started when a bartender living in Phoenix decided to create and manage his own bar. He has always been fond of different types of drinks ever since he became an adult and so, he tried learning more about these things and planned to get a profession connected to his likes. The owner then was successful in putting up his own bar way back. Even though it started small and simple, at least he was one step closer to his dreams and goals in life. 


When we started 

Publiq House was created and built way back in the year 2011 and was managed up until now. It was kept and maintained for a very long time and we only intend on improving the place as time passed by. Thankfully, we did just that throughout the years we managed the place. 


Where we started 

The Publiq House was originally built in Phoenix, where the owner was born and lived for a very long time. However, he intended to make this place bigger and expand it to different places as well. In the year 2014, he left his home in Phoenix to settle to another place without abandoning his business. He moved to Michigan and there, he put up another branch of Publiq House and started his plan on expanding his own business.